#30DaysWild No. 30 Wild camping on Dartmoor

It was a last minute decision – a late afternoon walk on Dartmoor, an overnight bivvy, and back to Wheatland Farm in time for morning coffee.

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#30DaysWild No. 29 Caterpillars are out-pacing plant growth!

#30DaysWild No. 29. We might have been too successful in attracting wildlife to the lodges. We bought these little alder buckthorn plants because the larvae of brimstone butterflies eat them, and we wanted more butterflies at Wheatland Farm.

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#30DaysWild No. 28. More than just a puddle

This is one of the scrapes we dug last year. They’re still muddy, and it will be a while before they bursting their banks with tall reeds, but already they are attracting 6 species of dragon- and damselflies, as well as supporting baby frogs.

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#TheTimeIsNow and #30DaysWild No. 26

#30DaysWild No. 26. Today was #TheTimeIsNo mass lobby of MPs in Westminster. Organised by a coalition of major charities, including WWF, RSPB, The Wildlife Trusts, Woodland Trust, several faith-based development charities etc etc, it called for strong action on the twin issues of climate change and nature recovery. We felt we had to be part of it.

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#30DaysWild No. 25 Learning from Devon farmers

#30DaysWild No. 25 Today’s action for nature is to learn from others – Ian is attending a workshop on managing soft rush at Rose Ash Farm, run by Cyril Cole.

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#30DaysWild No. 23 Waiting out the rain

#30DaysWild No. 23. Sometimes it rains. Well, it has to. Even in Devon. So we wait, like this bumblebee. At least the plants are getting watered and the ponds topped up.

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#30DaysWild No. 22 Summer is about butterflies

Another spectacular day – and another ‘new for the summer’ butterfly at Wheatland Farm. Small tortoiseshell are flying over Popehouse Moor.

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#30DaysWild. No. 21 Happy Summer Solstice!

#30DaysWild No. 21 and it’s the longest day. So at Wheatland Farm we’re celebrating the roses of the summer – the wild ones. Happy Solstice!

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#30DaysWild No. 20. Ten minutes of bumblebee watching

Today’s #30DaysWild random act of wildness was to spend 10 minutes looking for bumblebees on the marsh thistles around Wheatland Farm’s wildlife pond. We found garden, red tailed, tree, white/buff tailed bumblebees. But what is this?

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#30DaysWild No. 18 Visiting the Cows

#30DaysWild No. 18. Today’s wildness was to spend a few moments with the cows. Agricultural rather than wild, you might think, but they are doing a valuable conservation job for us at Wheatland Farm.

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#30DaysWild No. 17 A rescued cricket

#30DaysWild What a creature! Probably a dark bush cricket. Look closely and you’ll see it’s a bit damp, having been rescued from a hot tub by Balebarn Lodge. Random Act of Wildness No. 17.

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#30DaysWild No. 13 Banded Demoiselle

#30DaysWild No. 13. We were going to picture the bedraggled bumblebee we fished out the of the little ponds near Balebarn Eco Lodge, but this male banded demoiselle we spotted nearby is so much smarter!

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#30DaysWild No. 11 ‘A bowl of birdsong’

#30DaysWild No. 11 ‘A bowl full of birdsong’ someone said of Wheatland Farm the other day, so today we thought we’d just spend ten minutes outside and see what we could hear:

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#30DaysWild No. 10 A Moment For Admiring Thistles

Thistles are coming into flower. Some we welcome, like this meadow thistle (and its tree bumblebee visitor). Some we’re less keen on.

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#30DaysWild No. 8 Tiny Moths, Huge ‘Horns’

#30DaysWild No. 8. You see more from a bike – we were cycling (slowly) up a hill when we spotted what looked like a lava lamp of tiny fluttering things, rising and falling in the hedgerow.

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#30DaysWild No. 7 Devon Accommodation For Bees Too!

For today’s #30DaysWild Ian has made a bee box, with a sliding panel that should let us see what’s inside, once it’s occupied.

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A Water Shrew at the Wheatland Wildlife Pond

Our random act of wildness for day 6 of #30DaysWild is to follow in the footsteps of our recent guests in Otter Cottage, and sit stil enough to see the water shrew living at the wildlife pond. Here’s a clip we put together.

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#30DaysWild 2: Water Stick Insect

#30DaysWild Today’s random act of wildness, by request from our guests in Balebarn Eco Lodge, is to look up and report back on this beastie. It seems it’s a Water Stick Insect, reaching up to 7cm long if you include it’s long tail-end snorkel.

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#30DaysWild starts today!

#30DaysWild starts today! Every day this June Wheatland Farm will be doing something wild as part of the Wildlife Trust’s month long project. We’ll be spotting Devon wildlife around the eco lodges, doing some land management, lobbying, looking, learning, and just recording lots of #10WildMinutes.

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