#30DaysWild starts today!

#30DaysWild starts today! Every day this June Wheatland Farm will be doing something wild as part of the Wildlife Trust’s month long project. We’ll be spotting Devon wildlife around the eco lodges, doing some land management, lobbying, looking, learning, and just recording lots of #10WildMinutes.

Here’s today’s #10WildMinutes, before Saturday cleaning started. We went to the pond and found:

A pair of dragonfly wings (probably emperor dragonlfy because of their yellow edge, or costa). An ‘exuvia’ – the last skin of a larval damselfy before it emerges as an adult (could be the emperor??). Common blue damselflies, green veined white butterflies, a peacock butterfly and a small white, and a thick legged flower beetle on a buttercup (pictured). Other flying things included early bumblebees, buff tailed bumblebees and common carder bees, and some weird looking fly…

Now back to work!

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