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Meldon Reservoir to Black A Tor Copse National Nature Reserve and Black Tor

Black a Tor Copse and Black Tor make a lovely Dartmoor walk from Meldon Reservoir. We last did it in late March on a sunny day – gorgeous! Walk description Start at the Meldon Reservoir carpark (has loos) and walk over the reservoir dam, enjoying the spectacular views. Turn right and head along the side

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The dotty daff is back

Do Daffodils count as wildlife? This one does, as we note when it flowers each winter. On 22nd Dec 2015 these daffodils were all out and flowering. This winter it’s into the new year at least – a bit more normal.

Cycle path clean up

This is Winkleigh cycle path, running from the sports centre back to the village and much used by dog walkers, kids going to the play park, and of course Maggie and Euan cycling from Wheatland Farm to school and back. It was relatively new when we first moved to Winkleigh, about 10 years ago, but the

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Foxy Loxy

It’s winter and the days are short, but this Fox is up and about despite the frost. Here’s just a few seconds of view on the wildlife camera as the fox crossed our nature reserve Popehouse Moor SSSI. One of our New Year’s resolutions is to be out in the empty hours more. Dusk, dawn,

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The restored pond fills up at the eco lodges

The new pond at our Devon eco lodges is filling up… Well, not that new. It’s part of what was the slurry pit system when Wheatland Farm was a working dairy farm. It was filled with junk when we first arrived, and after clearing it we let it get overgrown because we didn’t have time

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Don’t try this at home kids!

What do you do at your eco lodge on a wet day in Devon? Try to set fire to the pond of course. Well, OK, not the pond but the gas bubbling up from the ‘Magic pond’ on Popehouse Moor Site of Special Scientific Interest (the best bit of our nature reserve farm). Here, the

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Trumpkin time!

We’re all ready for Halloween! This year we’ve made our very own carved Trumpkins. This one even has demonic eyes. Another is two-faced and shows the morning after the election (not a pretty sight, and the kitchen is missing a carving knife). The guests in Balebarn Eco Lodge also made some great pumpkins earlier in

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Big bike out: To North Tawton for cake at Kirsty’s Kitchen

Here’s a lovely and moderately strenuous ride that takes you to one of the best chocolate brownie cafes in Devon, and gives you the chance to work it off again afterwards. This ride is 26km, according to George’s bike computer (16 miles). There’s only about 200m on a main road and the rest is back

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