#30DaysWild No. 7 Devon Accommodation For Bees Too!

For today’s #30DaysWild Ian has made a bee box, with a sliding panel that should let us see what’s inside, once it’s occupied.

We think we should significantly expand our bee accommodation at Wheatland Farm, so we’ll start a wall of bee boxes near the workshop and opposite Otter Cottage. The bit of cobb we already have there is getting rather eroded. Bees live there – hairy footed flower bees – and this year we also saw one of their nest parasites, the mourning bee. These bees are no trouble – no one has ever been stung. They just come and go, collecting pollen, and we’d love to have even more of them around the farm.

So if you’re staying at Wheatland Farm’s lodges this summer, and fancy making a bee box, you can either take it home or leave it here for the new Wheatland Farm Bee Wall – and we’ll let you know what shows up.

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