#30DaysWild No. 30 Wild camping on Dartmoor

It was a last minute decision – a late afternoon walk on Dartmoor, an overnight bivvy, and back to Wheatland Farm in time for morning coffee.

It’s one of be benefits of this part of Devon – Dartmoor and all its wildness is just 20 minutes away, making wild camping a doable adventure we’ve enjoyed several times. This time we set off from the Okehampton Army Camp (where Ten Tors starts), walked around Rowtor, over to Yes Tor and the High Willhays, then down to Black Tor, and on to Black Tor Copse, an awesome oak woodland renown for its rare lichens.

We found somewhere flat and dry, ate our meal, then slept out. There was one moment of Devon drizzle, but it was otherwise dry all night, with stars overhead.

The next morning we finished our circular walk via West Mill Tor, returning to Okehampton before 9am. A great way to end June and #30DaysWild.

If you fancy doing something similar while staying at the eco lodges, come and ask us for maps and advice. And don’t forget to check the live firing dates for the military ranges.

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