#30DaysWild No. 9 Botany Day at Wheatland Farm

Huge thanks to all you lovely botany (and entomology) people, who helped us survey Wheatland Farm today.

So many things – it’s impossible to remember them all. There were marmalade hoverflies that migrate here from southern europe. A nationally scarce spider that has a stronghold in Devon. Notable trees around the lodges, a new bumblebee for our list, culm specialist plants just about to flower (a bit later than in some years), and an apparently pregnant common lizard that was busy re-growing its tail, presumably after losing it to a predator.

Yes, it did rain once or twice, but that just made us all feel better about taking a break for cake in the kitchen.

Eventually we’ll gather together a full flower list, to compare with the list from 10 years ago. Meanwhile, we’re pretty sure the culm grassland on Popehouse Moor is still in good shape, botanically speaking, and we’ll be pleased to get a progress report on the rest of Wheatland Farm.

Thanks to everyone for their expertise and interest, and to the electric car drivers, who gave us a contribution for their recharge that has been passed on to the North Devon Nature Needs You! Crowdfunder appeal. It all helps.

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