Wheatland Farm Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for our Devon eco lodges and cottage accommodation

These terms and conditions apply to bookings made directly with Wheatland Farm. If you’ve booked through an online travel agent like Pitchup, Booking.com or AirBnB then terms and conditions will vary. Please check your booking information, and contact us if you have any questions.

Terms used
In these terms and conditions, ‘you / your’ refers to the hirer and his/her/their party, and ‘we / us’ means Wheatland farm. However, please note that the booking contract is between Wheatland Farm and the hirer. Therefore, if you are the person named on the booking, you will be liable for any breaches of these terms and conditions.

Bookings, deposits and balance payments

  • New bookings can be made by paying a 20% deposit with balance due 30 DAYS.
  • Online bookings require a deposit payment by card. You can also book by email and over the phone, paying by BACS, or cheque.

Cancellations, covid restrictions and multiple household holidays

Wheatland Farm’s cancellation provisions apply to the person making the booking, and their stated home address. 

  • If community-wide restrictions where you live within in the UK prohibit you from travelling, or if Wheatland Farm can’t welcome you because of restrictions such as covid outbreaks, you will receive a full refund. This does not apply for individual illness.
  • We only provide holiday accommodation, and cannot automatically refund stays if things you wanted to do while at Wheatland Farm get cancelled or become prohibited after you booked.
  • If you need to cancel for individual reasons (including illness, self isolation etc), rather than community-wide restrictions, we will attempt to re-let the accommodation. If we are successful, we will normally refund your payments, less administrative and associated marketing costs (eg a last minute discount used to sell the space, additional commission paid to sell through an agent etc). If we do not re-let the accommodation, we will be unable to refund you. Therefore, we recommend you take out cancellation insurance
  • Put simply, if you have to cancel Wheatland Farm will not act to profit from your misfortune, but we will seek to cover our costs and losses.

We reserve the right to:

  • Refuse to accept any booking at our sole discretion. Celebrations and get-togethers are welcome at Wheatland Farm (as long as they are in line with any regulations at the time of the holiday) but if the point is to get horribly drunk together we are not the right place. We do not accept hen or stag parties unless agreed in advance.
  • Obtain the name, age and gender of your party before accepting your booking (but naturally we do not discriminate on grounds of age, sexual orientation, ethnicity or religion).
  • Enter the accommodation at any reasonable time and for any reasonable cause. We will try to let you know if we need to do this.
  • Terminate the rental agreement immediately and without compensation or refund if you damage the accommodation, are excessively noisy and disturb others, or if we reasonably suspect you are breaking the law.
  • Charge for any non-trivial damage howsoever caused.

Our liability

  • We shall not be liable for any death or personal injury, or for damage to or loss of your personal property occurring while you rent our accommodation. Please ensure your valuables are covered under your own insurance. Vehicles and their contents are left at your own risk.
  • In the event of circumstances beyond our reasonable control, eg (but not limited to) fire, flood, exceptional weather conditions, disease outbreaks, industrial disputes etc. we shall not be liable for any resulting costs, losses or damages suffered by you (including the cost of securing alternative accommodation), nor for our failure to undertake our obligations to you. However, in appropriate cases, we may refund your payments to us.
  • We have taken action to mitigate the risk of corona virus, by strengthening our cleaning regime at Wheatland Farm. However, we shall not be liable for any illness you, or anyone allowed into the accommodation by you, develops. Please note, there will be no refund if you have to curtail your stay because of illness.
  • You use our facilities and 21 acres of grounds at your own risk. You should expect to encounter some potential minor hazards, such as uneven ground, mud, barbed wire, livestock etc.

Arriving and leaving

  • Formal arrival times are between 16:00 and 22:00. We can only allow early arrivals in exceptional circumstances, and with prior arrangement.
  • When you leave, we ask that you vacate by 10:00am so we can prepare the accommodation for the next guests. You may leave your bags with us until later in the day, but we cannot accept responsibility for them. Sometimes, later departures can be arranged – if you need this please check with us.
  • Under some circumstances, for example extra pressures due to the corona virus, we may not be able to meet our anticipated arrival time – please bear with us.

The accommodation is for holiday use only

  • Neither you, nor any person allowed into the property by you, has a right to remain in the accommodation beyond the agreed departure date.
  • You will be liable for any costs incurred as a result of any delayed departure.

Your responsibilities
Your general responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring only the number of people for whom the booking is made stay overnight in the accommodation. If you exceed the agreed number you may be charged the full cost of accommodating the extra people in our other accommodation, irrespective of where they actually stay.
  • Reporting to us any breakages or missing items (you will not normally be charged for minor damage or breakages).
  • Keeping all furniture, fittings and effects in the same good condition as they were found.
  • Not smoking inside the accommodation (see below).
  • Not charging electric vehicles directly from your accommodation power supply (a charging point is available at the farm yard).
  • Our 7 acre Popehouse Moor is designated by Natural England as a site of special scientific interest, or SSSI. As such it is protected by law, and is wild. You are welcome to explore, or just ask us to show you around. But note that you are bound by law, as we are, not to damage this special area, eg by picking flowers, disturbing nesting birds etc.

Pets are welcome under the following conditions:

  • You have arranged with us in advance that you are bringing your pet and we have agreed you can do so.
  • Any visitors you have during your stay do not bring extra dogs.
  • Dogs are kept on leads at all times outside the accommodation, and do not disturb wildlife or other guests.
  • Pets must not be allowed in the bedrooms. We reserve the right to charge the full replacement cost of bedding that has been dirtied by your pet.
  • You protect the furniture with your own throws if pets will be on it.
  • You provide their bedding.
  • You clean up their waste and dispose of it appropriately (there is a bin in the farm yard for wrapped dog poo).
  • Pets are never left alone in the accommodation.
  • Pets are kept out of Popehouse moor, our 7 acre SSSI (they are very welcome most other places at Wheatland Farm).
  • No cats please.


  • All our accommodation is non-smoking. However, you may smoke on the verandas of the lodges and in the grounds, provided you take care to avoid fires and to dispose of your cigarette ends properly.
  • Please note that if you smoke inside the accommodation you may be charged for additional cleaning or other costs associated with meeting subsequent non-smoking guests’ reasonable expectations, including costs incurred by us should they cancel their stay.

Hot Tubs – Beech Lodge and Balebarn Lodge only  (optional extra)

Your safety in the Tub is our top priority – you must read and abide by the house rules.

We check Hot Tub water quality at least daily, sometimes more frequently depending on use, testing for acidity, clarity and chlorine levels. The water should easily last the whole of your stay in the lodges. But if you don’t take enough care, (see instructions) the water quality could fail, meaning we’ll need to drain the Tub. If you want it refilled, there will be a refill charge – and an inevitable heating delay. The whole process can take 24 hours.

If you’ve opted for the Tub we’ll make every effort to have it hot and ready for your arrival. Please note, you must pre-book the Hot Tubs. If you haven’t, they will be empty on arrival.

Since many bookings are ‘back to back’, we have to close the tubs at midday on the last day of your stay so we can recharge them. We will only be able to make exceptions if no-one is arriving directly after you. For bookings mid-July to end of August we will always drain and clean the tub from midday Friday.

You use the Tub at your own risk. Please read the instructions in full.

  • In an Emergency: evacuate the Hot Tub; turn off using the “emergency turn off switch”; notify a member of staff; and seek medical attention for anyone feeling unwell. There is a first aid kit in the conservatory at the farm house. Telephone 999 in a life threatening emergency, giving Wheatland Farm, EX19 8DJ as your location.
  • Always cover the tub when not in use. This is essential for everyone’s safety, as well as to keep your Hot Tub hot for next time. Lid lifters are provided to make this easy. Remember that children may be playing nearby. If we see an open and unattended Hot Tub we will always cover it, and if this happens repeatedly we will lock it.
  • Treat the Tubs and lids with care – we reserve the right to charge for damage.
  • No lone bathing
  • No unaccompanied children – at least one occupant must be 16 years old or over.
  • No nudity – expect the sort of privacy you’d find at a beach or riverbank.
  • Normal expectations of public decency apply – we will lock the Hot Tub if we receive reasonable complaints from other guests.
  • Don’t use the Tub if you are taking any drugs, prescription or otherwise, that could increase your risk of becoming unwell.
  • Take medical advice before using the Tub if you are elderly, pregnant (or could be), have a heart condition, are at increased risk of stroke, or have any other medical condition.
  • Limit your soak time to 15 minutes, and cool off before going back for more. Take care in the sun.
  • Don’t drink alcohol in the Tub.
  • Don’t drink the Hot Tub water either!
  • Don’t smoke in the Tub.
  • Don’t go in wearing fake tan, masses of sun screen, or other cosmetics because these can quickly make the water un-useable. Water quality will be checked daily, and if the tub needs to be re-filled there will be a further charge (and inevitable delay) before it is ready to use again.
  • Don’t add anything to the water. Bubbles, colourings etc. will all mean the Hot Tub has to be shut down and specially cleaned.
  • Use only the plastic glasses we provide – a broken glass or bottle means the tub will need emptying, incurring a charge and delay.
  • No outside music please – unless you’re singing or playing your own musical instrument!
  • Use Tubs only between 8am and 10.30 pm please. This is to avoid disturbing other guests.
  • Do not allow pets in the Hot Tub
  • The Refill Charge. There will be a further £45 charge if the Tub needs to be cleaned and refilled during your stay. Perhaps more importantly, it’s likely to take 24 hours for us to refill and reheat the Tub, so please help us take care of the water quality!

Please note, Wheatland Farm staff check the tubs daily. We will try to do this when you are out and make every effort not to disturb you.

Eco Outside Bath – Honeysuckle Lodge Only (optional extra)

Honeysuckle Lodge has an outside bath / eco hot tub, available for a £10 set up fee.

  •  Unlike the conventional tubs on Balebarn and Beech Lodges, the charge is per day not per stay. This is because it’s a bath, not a conventional hot tub, using fewer chemicals but needing regular water changes and full cleaning.
  • The daily charge of £10 includes set up (with lighting for the evening), filling, heating (this takes several hours), 2 extra towels, hot tub glasses, draining late at night and cleaning the following morning.
  • Unlike the conventional hot tubs, you can book it after you arrive, and cancel it if the forecast is unkind.
  • You can book it just once for the experience, or more frequently (but consider a lodge with a conventional hot tub if you want one often).
  • You can book it for your children to use during the day if you wish, but you cannot use it unheated and uncharged as a permanent paddling pool – sorry! We will still need to change the water every day, even if it’s unheated.
  • In an emergency: leave the bath and seek medical attention for anyone feeling unwell. There is a first aid kit in the conservatory at the farm house. Telephone 999 in a life threatening emergency, giving Wheatland Farm, EX19 8DJ as your location.
  • Please cover the bath when you’ve finished using it, for safety reasons. If using it during the day, remember that other people’s children may be playing nearby. If we see the bath open and unattended we will cover it, and if this happens repeatedly we will lock it.
  • Children must be supervised.
  • Please take care not to disturb other guests (no outside music please).
  • Normal expectations of public decency apply.
  • Don’t use the bath if under the influence of alcohol, or if you are taking any drugs, prescription or otherwise, that could increase your risk of becoming unwell. Follow medical advice if you are elderly, pregnant (or could be), have a heart condition, are at increased risk of stroke, or have any other medical condition.
  • Limit your soak time, as you would in a conventional bath. Take care in the sun.
  • For your own safety, use only the plastic glasses we provide.


  • We have a small fishing pond next to Otter cottage. You can fish here free of charge (catch and immediate release). We have a couple of rods to lend and can often set you off.
  • Children may only fish here by arrangement with us and under your supervision. Their safety is your responsibility.
  • Please note that anyone over 12 needs a fishing licence from the environment agency (you can get one at the post office) wherever they fish.
  • Please bring your own tackle if you can.
  • No night fishing.

Borrowing boats and swimming in the pond
In summer we usually have a row boat and a paddle board you can use on the big wildlife pond. You need to have the safety briefing before you can borrow the key, and you must follow these simple rules.

  • You use the pond, including the boats/boards at your own risk.
  • You are welcome to swim in the wildlife pond but please expect to encounter wildlife, water weed and mud. Do not go out of your depth unless you are a competent swimmer. Remember that the water will be cold.
  • Everyone using the boats/boards must have had the safety briefing.
  • Everyone using the boats/boards must be able to swim 50m unaided, or must be wearing buoyancy aids (we have a few you can borrow for children). 
  • Children swimming, boating or just playing in the water or at the edge must be supervised at all times – you are responsible for their safety.
  • Do not use the boats/boards if you have been drinking alcohol or are under the influence of any drugs, prescription or otherwise
  • You must report any damage, whether or not you caused it
  • Do not get into a boat or onto a board unless it is fully supported in the water – or you will break them.
  • We reserve the right to charge for any non-trivial damage however caused.
  • Lock the boats/board back up after use and return the key.

Borrowing bikes
We have a fleet of reconditioned farm bikes from the local recycling centre. You can borrow these, free of charge, for local trips and for kids to ride around the farm. If you want to do long distances, we recommend you hire a bike, giving you the back-up of professional servicing etc.

By borrowing a farm bike, you agree to abide by the following simple house rules:

  • We strongly advise you to bring your own helmets. We have a few to lend out, but not all sizes. Children in particular should be wearing well-fitting helmets, especially if they are racing around up and down the driveway.
  • You ride at your own risk. Before you ride off, please check the bike over, including the brakes, the chain and the tyres. We fix problems we know about, but someone else may have forgotten to tell us what went wrong.
  • If something goes wrong when you’re out, let Ian know. He can fix most things.
  • There are a couple of light-weight deterrent padlocks you can borrow, and we’re assuming you won’t be leaving the bike where it’s an obvious target. If your borrowed bike does get stolen, we’ll ask you to pay £50 so we can replace it.
  • Please don’t ride the farm bikes on a public road after sunset. They don’t have lights, so you wouldn’t be legal. If you want to ride into the evening, please hire a bike or use your own lights and safety equipment.

We want you to enjoy your holiday and do not expect you to spend the morning of your departure scrubbing and cleaning. We will clean the accommodation after you vacate it. However, we ask that you leave the accommodation in a reasonable condition, and we reserve the right to charge extra for cleaning if it is left excessively dirty (and please see terms and conditions relating to smoking and bringing pets). Please let us know if you’re planning on leaving early.


Updates made in the past 18 months:

Updated 24 November 2022 to further lessen the covid restrictions, and raise the hot tub re-fill charge to £45. Initial booking cost is currently £55.

Updated 28 April 2022 to lessen some of the covid restrictions and to clarify the situation on non-resident visitors’ dogs.

Updated 19 Jan 2022 to reflect changing corona virus requirements, to prohibit electric car charging direct at the accommodation, and to adjust arrival/departure times.

Updated 7 November 2021 to raise prices of hot tubs due to electricity price rises.