#30DaysWild No. 28. More than just a puddle

This is one of the scrapes we dug last year. They’re still muddy, and it will be a while before they bursting their banks with tall reeds, but already they are attracting 6 species of dragon- and damselflies, as well as supporting baby frogs.

It was last July when we got the mini digger in to make some new scrapes in the field below Balebarn Lodge., and one near Beech Lodge for the hot tub We took some reeds from the big wildlife pond and planted them, and waited for the mounds to grass over.

This spring the scrapes that were dug deep enough to hold water had plenty of tadpoles. And on today’s dragonfly watch we found Large Red, Common Blue, Blue Tailed and Azure damselflies, a Beautiful Demoiselle and a Broad Bodied Chaser all using the little ponds. Six species of dragonfly is a good tally (and there were Emperor and Golden Ringed dragonflies at the main wildlife pond too).

So we’re pleased. And today’s random act of wildlife is to take a few more reed cuttings for planting out in pots and tubs. There are plans for more mini reed beds afoot.

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