#30DaysWild 29: A bicycle re-made for two

For #30DaysWild we’re renovating the tandem, and other bikes guests at the eco lodges can borrow this summer… and noting down some ideas for really local Devon excursions you can try (once the handlebars are back on).

With guests returning to Wheatland Farm’s eco lodges from next Saturday, we’re working through the fleet of bikes, hoping to encourage more local car free trips. Our tandem is in the workshop at present, with the handlebars in the vice getting a re-paint.

There will also be plenty of kids’ and adults’ bikes, plus a bucket of soapy water so you can wash down grips etc and a hand wash station.

Here’s a short list of really local ideas for mini trips:

  • Bike up to Fiona’s Farm Shop for a coffee, icecream or cake.
  • Bike to buy eggs from a farmyard gate. There’s an egg stall just past Fiona’s, on the left (return trip about a mile). There’s another opposite the old chapel at Stable Green (return trip about 2.5 miles). Fiona’s shop sells eggs too.
  • Bike into the village (round trip 4 miles) and:
    • buy an icecream from the shop, and sit in the churchyard enjoying a phenomenal view out towards Dartmoor. Take your time to look at the gravestones – some of them give an interesting perspective on covid19.
    • have a pint at the Kings Arms in Winkleigh
    • get supplies from the village shop (social distancing measures are in place)
    • pick up a pre-ordered BBQ pack from the Mad Butcher of Winkleigh.
    • buy a lovely bunch of flowers from Catkin Blooms, just around the corner from the post office
    • do the old fashioned thing, and send someone a post card!
  • Bike to Winkleigh Woods and explore. If you carry on in a loop towards Wembworthy and back to Wheatland Farm it will be a 6.2 mile (10km) loop. Expect a couple of steep hills though.

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