#30DaysWild No. 30. Contemplating the weeds

It’s the last day of this year’s #30DaysWild, and it should time time for #TheTimeIsNow¬†mass lobby of MPs. That may well be so, but sadly our MP Geoffrey Cox is ‘too busy’ to hear our thoughts on climate and biodiversity crises…

That’s a shame, as it seems to us that the current health crisis is linked, albeit indirectly, to both these huge global issues. Internationally, vast land use change is driving climate change and biodiversity loss, and bringing people into ever closer contact with what should be wild spaces and species. It still looks like the wildlife and bushmeat trades are responsible for the corona virus jump to people. It’s time to stop, and to appreciate nature for what it is, and to give it some space and rights.

But for today, instead of lobbying Mr Cox (Maggie attended last year, and we’ll be writing and bothering him virtually joining our voices with others from across Devon…) we’re just enjoying the weeds again – a selfheal plant relocated from a paving crack outside Balebarn Lodge and a glorious Fox And Cubs half inched from a gutter on a Winkleigh housing estate. They are both weeds we’d be quite happy to see more of at Wheatland Farm. Fox and cubs are said to be quite invasive, but probably that’s mostly a problem if you’re a bit precious about your lawns, and that doesn’t really apply here.

So where did June go? It has whizzed past, despite lock down.

Looking back, we’ve seen some great wildlife. The humming bird hawk moth, the kingfisher, and the blue tits in the gate post were all highlights, for sure. Other things haven’t turned up so far this year – no dingy skipper for example.

Now, we’re looking forward to welcoming you all back to the eco lodges, and trying to have something of a summer holiday season. See you soon!

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