Listed In The Guardian’s Top Ten Eco Friendly Places To Stay In Europe!

Sunlit leaves at Wheatland Farm's Devon Eco Lodges

We’re thrilled to find Wheatland Farm listed this morning in a Guardian Top Ten list of eco friendly places to stay in Europe.

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Clover Lawns Around The Eco Lodges

A clover lawn outside Balebarn Eco Lodge at Wheatland Farm, Devon

#30DaysWild no 30. At Wheatland Farm we’ve been easing off the path mowing just for a week or so, and here’s the result – clover lawns around the eco lodges that the bees are loving.

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View From Honeysuckle Eco Lodge

View from Honeysuckle Eco Lodge at Wheatland Farm, Devon

#30DaysWild no 25. We’re taking a moment to enjoy the view from Honeysuckle Eco Lodge while we get it ready for this weekend’s guests. And we’re enjoying the visitors to the bird feeder too.

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Woodpeckers Feeding Their Young

Shows a male great spotted woodpecker and its begging chick at Wheatland Farm, Devon

#30DaysWild no 18. The Great Spotted Woodpecker has brought its baby to the Wheatland Farm bird feeders. Here’s a clip of the adult collecting some food and taking it to feed the young bird waiting in the relative safety of the vegetation.

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A ‘first’ Scarce Chaser for North Devon

Shows a female scarce chaser perched at Wheatland Farm, Devon

How exciting! #30DaysWild no 16, the Devon dragonfly recorder confirms that this beautiful beast, which we found yesterday, is a Scarce Chaser, and is the first record for the North Devon region.

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Funky Green Spider

Shows a small green spider on lichen at Wheatland Farm, Devon

#30DaysWild no 13 this startlingly green spider was spotted on stonework as we hung up the acres of washing from our eco lodge ‘change over’ day. Small is beautiful – if a little creepy. Or at least creepy crawly.

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Skylarks, a Dartmoor run and a day out from Wheatland Farm

Shows runners on a Dartmoor track

#30DaysWild no 12. Ian’s wild moment today was a fell run across the north moor above Meldon reservoir, Dartmoor.

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Cows For Conservation Grazing

Shows the cows leaving their trailer and beginning to explore Wheatland Farm in Devon

#30DaysWild no 11. Higher Punchardon Farm has brought us some cows to graze at Wheatland Farm for the summer. Here’s a clip of them coming out of the trailer to explore the meadow where the turbine is.

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Yellow Flag Irises At The Pond

Yellow flag iris in flower at Wheatland Farm's wildlife pond

#30DaysWild no 7. We’re taking a moment to stop and appreciate the yellow flag irises that are in full bloom at the wildlife pond below Balebarn Eco Lodge – and also the creatures that live among them….

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Wildlife Watching From The Window

Washing and buttercups at Wheatland Farm's Devon Eco Lodges

#30DaysWild no 4. Not everyone finds it easy to get out and about. But that doesn’t stop you spotting wildlife from your window. Grandpa B’s window looks into the Wheatland Farm garden and he’s been making a ‘species list’ over breakfast. From the lodges you’ll have an even wider scope.

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