#30DaysWild No. 29 If I can’t see you then you can’t see me

#30DaysWild No. 29 This rabbit thinks we can’t see it if it can’t (well sort of can’t) see us… But apparently that’s almost true in a funny way. Researchers are saying even the UK’s common species of mammals are under-recorded, making it hard to know how they are faring. So we need to know more, and everyone can help by reporting sightings of mammals to the Mammal Society via their new phone app or the webpage. OK, some are harder to spot than others, like our harvest mice and dormice, but even sightings of our Devon rabbits, moles, deer, badgers, hedgehogs and the rest can now help build a better picture of the UK’s mammals.

For instance, apparently, rabbit numbers are down some 40% nationally. Not at Wheatland Farm! This one is in the gravel garden right outside the farmhouse, and we often see them on the grass by Otter Cottage or nibbling the lawns in front of the lodges. In fact we have to gate the polytunnel and the turbine room to keep them out.

So that’s our moment of wildlife for today – downloading the mammal map app, and making a mental note to report what we see, not just here on the Farm but when we’re out and about too. #30DaysWild No. 29