Brimstone butterfly emerges

Stretch those wings! A brimstone emerges from its chrysalis by Nuthatch Lodge at Wheatland Farm.

Remember the caterpillars that ate their way through an entire sapling until there was nothing left? Well, they decided they’d eaten enough to pupate. And now, a few weeks later, they are emerging transformed into adult brimstone butterflies. Just the two – that’s all this plant could support. But thankfully even though the caterpillars munched every last bit, the alder buckthorn has put on new leaves while the caterpillars rearranged their bodies. That’s good, as although we bought these plants especially for brimstones, we were hoping eventually for a mature tree, not just a single snack!

Despite being just behind the lodges, right by the path, they’ve gone undetected by birds or guests until their moment of glory. Now we’re waiting for the sun to come back out so we can enjoy them flying in the lodge field at Wheatland Farm.