Mowing Grass At Winkleigh’s Community Biodiversity Project

#30DaysWild no. 26 Euan has been mowing at the Winkleigh community trees again.

The grass has got a bit out of hand. We’ve been busy with family ill health issues (Maggie’s elderly Dad), and Kim, who mostly manages this community project, has had a back problem. Last time we tried to mow (a couple of weeks ago), the grass defeated even our huge brush cutter mower, wrapping itself around the blade. Now we’re back with a sharpened blade.

Euan is the main mower, and its counting towards his Duke of Edinburgh award. So this evening, after cleaning the eco lodges, we loaded up and went to Winkleigh to cut some paths through the grass and docks.

We restricted ourselves to cutting a path – it’s now impossible to see the really little trees at the edges of the tree bands so we have to be careful. And the butterflies are using the grasses. Later in the season the grass will die back a bit and it should be easier. Meanwhile, the older trees continue to grow well. We’ve been giving a bit of time to this project since 2017 now. Last year we mowed every summer month.

While we were there, a hay cut was being taken from the field next door – at speed and with mechanisation that made our mower look like a kindergarten toy! Fascinating to watch.

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