Frog Exodus

#30DaysWild no. 24: The frog / toad exodus from the Wheatland Farm wildlife pond is in full swing!

We knew it had started – Terry who was staying in Otter Cottage a week or so ago said he’d seen froglets near the wildlife pond below Balebarn Eco Lodge. But now they are everywhere – hopping through the grass near Nuthatch Lodge, making their way past the hot tub at Balebarn Lodge, and in the Wheatland Farm orchard.

We’re going to have to hold off on the mowing for a bit, just in case, although the brush cutter mower seems to go over the top of them fairly well. But we’ll give them a few days to move away from the pond and get a little bigger.

At present they’re smaller than a little finger fingernail. We’re not sure whether they are frogs or toads, but frogs tend to lay spawn earlier in the year, so maybe frogs.

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This time last year: We had ‘feral fruit’ from the old fruit cage we now share with Wheatland Farm’s birds.

This time in 2019: Painted lady butterflies had arrived at Wheatland Farm. In 2020 they hadn’t yet arrived, but in 2021 they’ve been around for a week or so. Being summer migrants to the UK and Devon, the dates will vary a little depending on the weather.

This time in 2018: The fruit was coming from the wild strawberries growing at Otter Cottage. In 2021, a few are ripe in our ‘gravel garden’ but we think the voles generally get there first.

This time in 2017: We’d found a colourful yellow underwing moth while cleaning the eco lodges. Although brownish when they’re resting, they’re quite colourful as they fly, and are easily attracted to lights at night. So look out for them around the eco lodge outside lights.

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