View From Honeysuckle Eco Lodge

#30DaysWild no 25. We’re taking a moment to enjoy the view from Honeysuckle Eco Lodge while we get it ready for this weekend’s guests. And we’re enjoying the visitors to the bird feeder too.

We like to hang up some peanuts for the birds. While we were cleaning, nuthatches and a young blue tit were busy feeding – not at all bothered by people just a metre or so away inside the eco lodge. We hang the feeder from a fishing rod because it makes it harder for the squirrels to get to it (just like the teacup feeders at the farmhouse). And peanuts don’t drop too much mess to attract mice too close to the lodges.

But it’s not just the birds that are looking good – the meadow is beautiful in the sunshine. Meadow brown butterflies are flying, the meadow buttercups are still in flower, and the birdsfoot trefoil is just beginning to bloom.

Previously on #30DaysWild

This time last year we were delighted to find a hummingbird hawk moth in the Wheatland Farm polytunnel – partly thrilled to see it, and partly please that it was constrained enough to get a photo before we shooed it out of the doors!

#30DaysWild in 2019: Ian was at a rush management workshop . Rushes are still an ongoing challenge for us at Wheatland Farm, but we’ve adapted our strategy, and the brushcutter mower is helping – at least in the wind turbine field where the ground isn’t too bumpy to mow.

#30DaysWild in 2018: We were enjoying a walk around the wildlife pond , And of course we still do, pretty much daily! This week the eco lodge guests have been using the pond for fun on the boats but also just as a ‘chillout’ space to watch dragonflies and read a book.

#30DaysWild in 2017: We were making elderflower champagne with a lemon, sugar, and flowers from our Devon hedgerows. We’re doing it again this year, and hope to have some to share with Emma, who gave us the recipe, who is visiting Wheatland Farm later in the summer.