Third Time Lucky For The Robin

#30DaysWild no 17: Our favourite Wheatland Farm robin seems to have finally raised a family.

This is the robin that sits on the door handle and begs for meal worms. It made it’s first nest in Ian’s workshop. That nest hatched eggs, but then seems to have been predated, as one day we found it deserted with only one dead chick left inside.

A couple of weeks later, we realised the same robin had moved in even closer, nesting right by the farmhouse back door, but foolishly low down. It had chosen a hollowed out log we were using as a planter, but that left it rather vulnerable to stoats and even, dare we say it, the neighbours’ cats. And sure enough, the nest got pulled out.

After that, we didn’t spot the adults for a while – the pair must have been very cautious about nest building as they were actually using a tiny ledge in the cob wall back by the workshop. This time, they were higher up, above head height.

Now they are busy feeding, and if you look close at the picture below you can see at least two well grown chicks peeking out. We won’t disturb them again – we don’t want to ‘explode’ them from the nest too early. But we’ll keep you posted.

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