Funky Green Spider

#30DaysWild no 13 this startlingly green spider was spotted on stonework as we hung up the acres of washing from our eco lodge ‘change over’ day. Small is beautiful – if a little creepy. Or at least creepy crawly.

Spiders aren’t everyone’s favourite thing, but you have to admit this one is a striking green colour. That’s presumably where it gets it’s name – cucumber spider. But those legs are pretty colourful too, when you see it up close.

It is very small, just a cm or so. An image search suggests its from the genus Arinella, but most sites say that identification to species level needs a hand lens and an expert eye, so we won’t presume to know exactly. There are a couple that are very similar to each other. We’re not sure what the lichens are either!

Usually when we’ve had a spider on our Wheatland Farm 30dayswild blogs it has been a crab spider lying in wait on the ox eye daisies, and it’s certainly the right time of year to be looking for those too. Try in the old farmyard near Otter Cottage, or down by the wildlife pond below Balebarn Lodge.

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