Wild Camping on Dartmoor – a ‘doable adventure’

[Maggie] It’s our annual big night out! But it’s on Dartmoor rather than at Wheatland Farm. This is my summer treat – finding a dry day and night to trek out into the middle of Dartmoor with just a bivvy bag and dinner.

And George of course. Last year’s trip was me taking Euan, but this year George was in charge, having been thoroughly trained for the Dartmoor Ten Tors Challenge earlier this year.

Yay! George carried the heavy kit, George did the cooking and the navigating, all I had to do was admire the view. What a change 5 years makes – last time he and I were out there he was 10 and I carried most of the weight. We were so pared down we didn’t even take cooking equipment or a book. We both remember the longest ever game of eye spy (mostly spotting grass) on top of Hangingstone Hill, were we arrived with rather too much time to spare.

This year, Fur Tor, with it’s impressive rocks was our destination. Here are some images of our route, which went from South Zeal, skirting Cosdon Hill to Hound Tor, on to Wild Tor, Hangingstone Hill and then across the ‘wet middle bit’ to over night at Fur Tor.  The next day we followed the River Tavy along Tavy Cleave until we got to the edge of the moor, where Ian met us (with a coffee – thank you!). All went well – but if you plan to follow a similar route take note, there’s no Footbridge across the Tavy below Ger Tor, so be prepared to cross with wet feet at some point!