Yellow Flag Irises At The Pond

#30DaysWild no 7. We’re taking a moment to stop and appreciate the yellow flag irises that are in full bloom at the wildlife pond below Balebarn Eco Lodge – and also the creatures that live among them….

…Like the damselfly that left this larval skin, or exuvia, behind when it emerged from the water to become a flying adult.

We’re not sure which species this is, but possibly a large red damselfly, like this adult pictured on a buttercup.

And making rather more of a buzz about it, lots of bumble bees are nectaring at the yellow flag flowers, including early bumble bees, with the peach coloured bum, and common carder bees, with a more gingery thorax and a rather stripy rear end.

Yellow flag are at their peak now, or just going over. They are native flowering plants and pretty robust. Some have spread themselves around the farm where we’ve moved soil to plant trees (there are some among the young trees outside Beech Lodge). And the flowers at the pond come back year after year, despite sometimes suffering some serious munching from sawfly larvae. That was a June event, so might still come later in the month possibly!

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