Southern Marsh Orchids In Bloom

#30DaysWild no. 8. We are delighted to have found a patch of southern marsh orchids in full bloom.

Maggie looked a week or so ago and didn’t see any – just rather too much invasive hemlock water dropwort. But today on a quick walk through Popehouse Moor Site of Special Scientific Interest we found plenty of orchids. At the bottom of the slope at the far end of the nature reserve there were several. A good few more were dotted through that last section as you walk up to the ‘magic pond’, but round the corner, near where the bog bean plants are, suddenly we came across a real show. There were 22 flower spikes in just a small area. The photo doesn’t do it justice, but for us it was a great find. Some years we only see three or four, and we’d worried there wouldn’t be any this year.

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