#30DaysWild 27: Biological Recording

For #30DaysWild today we’re housekeeping in both senses, catching up on Wheatland Farm’s biological recording but also getting the eco lodges ready for the July reopening.

It has been a wettish day, and we’re cleaning Beech, Nuthatch and Honeysuckle lodges, welcoming back Caroline who has been on furlough since April, and getting ready to open back up from 4 July. So there wasn’t much time to go searching out wildlife, and land management hasn’t been our priority. But there’s still time to make sure we’re submitting our wildlife data, including that hummingbird hawkmoth we found last Thursday, a bee walk Maggie did with Kim on Wednesday (that’s where the picture comes from, taken on Popehouse Moor), and a recent dragonfly count from the wildlife pond, which included that emerald damselfly – the first of this season.

We use irecord, which is a system supported by the national biodiversity recording schemes across the UK, the county network of biological recording centres (the Devon Biological Records Centre, for us), and the volunteer ‘Recorders’ for various groups. Did you know, each group, like dragonflies, butterflies, wildflowers, spiders, flies, etc etc etc has an expert collating and checking people’s sightings, so there are long-term records available through the National Biodiversity Network’s Atlas. We want to make sure that Wheatland Farm is ‘on the map’ for its wildlife. We might not have anything super rare here in Devon, but our country, and the whole world, are losing so much widlife, so fast, that records over time are really crucial.

So if you feel like it – download the irecord app onto your phone and add some records of what you see – at Wheatland Farm or anywhere, even your back garden.

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