#30DaysWild 26: Al fresco scones

The last Friday in June is National Cream Tea Day, apparently. Some things are really important, and deserve a national celebration… All we need to to is make it a bit wild so it works as our Random Act of Wildness for the day.

Of course, we could count the wild annual argument between Devon and Cornwall about whether jam goes under cream or on top. We side step that one by eating ours with jam and butter. Obviously, the butter goes on first. We think that makes us Devonian, but really, who gives a tinkers cuss? It’s tea time, and we had ours in the garden.

Not that wild, you might say, but actually it didn’t take long for the ants and grassland spiders to turn up to the party. No wasps though, so that’s OK.

Amidst the corona virus pandemic, and the political upheaval over the Black Lives Matter movement, it does seem somewhat out of touch to be banging on about cream teas. But we had to practise, ready for welcoming guests back to Wheatland Farm’s Eco Lodges next weekend.

We generally make a plate of scones, with jam and West Country butter, for our arriving guests. We don’t use clotted cream as, when we did, we were continually throwing left overs away. Anyway, salted butter gives a better flavour. We do use all butter in our scone recipe, and have done since we stopped buying margarine made with palm oil (because of the tropical deforestation it drives). Proper butter means you can use less sugar too, making them slightly less diabetes inducing.

So today was a revision exercise. Looks like we still have the knack, and we’re looking forward to seeing you all at the lodges soon!

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