2019 Botany Survey

For the record, here’s the full list of plant species found at Wheatland Farm and Popehouse Moor SSSI by the Devonshire association’s survey on 9 June 2019.

The previous records we have are of 68 species on Popehouse Moor in 1987 and 192 found on the SSSI and also around the farm in 2009. The most recent survey turned up 215 species overall, with 101 in the SSSI, and 175 everywhere not including the SSSI. A handful of these (at the end, with common names only,) were not picked up on the day, but are known from earlier in the season. Of course, in conservation terms, all plants are not equal, and the rarer plants are generally, but not exclusively, in the SSSI.

Acer campestreField maple
Acer pseudoplatanusSycamore
Achillea millefoliumYarrow
Achillea ptarmicaSneezewort
Agrostis caninaVelvet bent
Ajuga reptansBugle
Alnus glutinosaAlder
Alopecurus geniculatusMarsh foxtail
Alopecurus pratenseMeadow foxtail
Angelica sylvestrisAngelica
Anthoxanthum odoratumSweet vernal grass
Anthriscus sylvestrisCow parsley
Arum maculatumCuckoo pint
Bellis perennisDaisy
Betonica officinalisBetony
Betula pubescensDowny birch
Blechnum spicantHard fern
Callitriche aggWater starwort
Calluna vulgarisLing
Cardamine flexuosaWavy bittercress
Cardamine pratenseLadies smock
Carex binervisGreen-ribbed sedge
Carex demissaYellow sedge
Carex echinataStar sdge
Carex flaccaGlaucous sedge
Carex laevigataSmooth-stalked sedge
Carex leporinaOval sedge
Carex paniceaCarnation sedge
Carex pendulaPendulous sedge
Carex paniculataGreat tussock sedge
Carex piluliferaPill sedge
Carex sylvaticaWood sedge
Centaurea nigraCommon knapweed
Centranthus ruberRed valerian
Cerastium fontanumCommon mouse-ear
Chaerophyllum temulumRough chervil
Circaea lutetianaEnchanter’s nightshade
Cirsium arvenseCreeping thistle
Cisium dissectumMeadow thistle
Cirsium palustreMarsh thistle
Cirsium vulgareSpear thistle
Conopodium majusPignut
Corylus avellanaHazel
Crataegus monogynaHawthorn
Crepis capillarisCommon hawksbeard
Cynosurus cristatusCrested dog’s-tail
Dactylis glomerataCocksfoot
Dactylorhiza maculataHeath spotted orchid
Dactylorhiza praetermissaSouthern marsh orchid
Danthonia decumbensHeath grass
Daucus carotaCarrot
Deschampsia cespitosaTufted hair-grass
Digitalis purpureaFoxglove
Dipsacus fullonumTeasel
Dryopteris affinisScaly male-fern
Dryopteris dilatataBroad buckler-fern
Dryopteris filix-masMale fern
Epilobium ciliatumAmerican wilowherb
Epilobium hirsutumGreat willowherb
Epilobium montanumBroad-leaved willowherb
Epilobium obscurumShort-fruited willowherb
Epilobium parviflorumHoary willowherb
Equisetum arvense Field horsetail
Eupatorium cannabinumHemp agrimony
Festuca rubraRed fescue
Ficaria vernaLesser celandine
Filipendula ulmariaMeadowsweet
Fragaria vescaStawberry
Fraxinus excelsiorAsh
Galeopsis tetrahit aggHemp nettle
Galium albumHedge bedstraw
Galium aparineCleavers
Galium palustreMarsh bedstraw
Galium saxatileHeath bedstraw
Galium uliginosumFen bedstraw
Geranium dissectumCut-leaved cranesbill
Geranium lucidumShining cranesbill
Geranium molleDove’s-foot cranesbill
Geranium pyrenaicumHedgerow cranesbill
Geranium robertianumHerb Robert
Geum urbanumWood avens
Glechoma hederaceaGround ivy
Glyceria declinataSmall flote gras
Glyceria fluitansCommon flote grass
Hedera hiberAtlantic ivy
Heracleum sphondyliumHogweed
Holcus lanatusYorkshire fog
Holcus mollisCreeping softgrass
Hyacinthoides non-scriptaBluebell
Hydrocotyle vulgarisMarsh pennywort
Hypericum tetrapterumSquare-stalked St John’s wort
Hypericum undulatumWavy-leaved St John’s wort
Hypochaeris radicataCatsear
Ilex aquifoliumHolly
Iris foetidissimaStinking iris
Iris pseudacorusFlag iris
Juncus acutiflorusSharp-flowered rush
Juncus bufoniusToad rush
Juncus conglomeratusCompact rush
Juncus effususSoft rush
Lapsana communisNipplewort
Lathyrus linifoliusBitter vetch
Lathyrus pratensisYellow vetchling
Leucathemum vulgareOx-eye daisy
Lolium perennePerennial ryegrass
Lolium periclymenumHoneysuckle
Lotus corniculatusCommon birdsfoot trefoil
Lotus pedunculatusGreater birdsfoot trefoil
Luzula campestreField woodrush
Luzula multifloraHeath woodrush
Luzula sylvaticaGreater woodrush
Lysimachia nemorumYellow pimpernel
Lythrum salicariaPurple loosestrife
Mentha aquaticaWater mint
Molinia caeruleaPurple moorgrass
Myosotis discolorChanging forgetmenot
Myosotis secundaCreeping forgetmenot
Oenanthe crocataHemlock water dropwort
Oxalis acetossellaWood sorrel
Papaver rhoeasCorn poppy
Pedicularis sylvaticaLousewort
Petasites hybridumButterbur
Phragmites australisCommon reed
Pinus sylvestrisScot’s pine
Plantago lanceolataRibwort plantain
Plantago majorGreater plantain
Poa annuaAnnual meadow grass
Poa trivialisRough meadow grass
Polypodium interjactumIntermediate polypody
Populus tremulaAspen
Potamogeton natansBroad-leaved pondweed
Potentilla erectaTormentil
Potentilla sterilisBarren strawberry
Primula verisCowslip
Primula vulgarePrimrose
Prunella vulgarisSelf-heal
Prunus aviumCherry
Prunus domesticaWild plum
Prunus spinosaBlackthorn
Pulicaria dysentericaCommon fleabane
Quercus roburPedunculate oak
Ranunculus acrisMeadow buttercup
Ranunculus flammulaLesser spearwort
Ranunculus linguaGreater spearwort
Ranunculus repensCreeping buttercup
Rhinanthus minorYellow rattle
Rosa arvensisField rose
Rosa caninaDog rose
Rumex acetosaCommon sorrel
Rumex obtusifoliusBroad-leaved dock
Rumex sanguineusWood dock
Sagina procumbensProcumbent pearlwort
Salix auritaEared willow
Salix cinerea sso oleifoliaCommon sallow
Salis repensCreeping willow
Sambucus nigraElder
Sanicula europaeaSanicle
Scirpus sylvaticusWood clubrush
Scrophularia auriculataWater figwort
Scutellaria minorLesser skullcap
Senecio aquaticusMarsh ragwort
Senecio jacobaeaCommon ragwort
Serratula tinctoriaSawwort
Silene dioicaRed campion
Silene flos-cuculiRagged robin
Solanum dulcamarasONCHUS ASPER Bittersweet
Sonchus asperPrickly sow-thistle
Sonchus oleraceusSmooth sow-thistle
Sorbus aucupariaRowan
Sorbus torminalisWild service tree
Stachys palustreMarsh woundwort
Stachys sylvaticaHedge woundwort
Stellaria alsineBog stitchwort
Stellaria gramineaLesser stitchwort
Stellaria holosteaGreater stitchwort
Succisa pratensisDevil’s-bit scabious
Syringa vulgarisLilac
Tamus communisBlack bryony
Tanacetum partheniumFeverfew
Taraxacum aggDandelion
Teucrium scorodoniaWood sage
Tilia x europaeaLime
Trifolium dubiumLesser yellow trefoil
Trifolium pratenseRed clover
Trifolium repensWhite clover
Typha latifoliaBulrush
Ulex europaeusGorse
Urtica dioicaNettle
Valeriana officinalisCommon valerian
Veronica arvensisWall speedwell
Veronica becca-bungaBrooklime
Veronica chamaedrysGermander speedwell
Veronica hederifoliaIvy-leaved speedwell
Veronica serpyllifoliaThyme-leaved speedwell
Viburnum opulusGuelder rose
Vicia sativa ssp segetalisCommon vetch
Viola palustrisMarsh violet
Viola rivinianaCommon dog violet
Crassula helmsiiNew Zealand pigmyweed
Carex vesicariaBladder sedge
Ground elder
Cow wheat
scarlet pimpernel
red dead nettle
marsh marigold
white dead nettle
rosebay willowherb
great mullein
apple? mint
white dead nettle
greater chickweed

Here’s a breakdown of where the plants were found.

And here’s a note of the correspondence:

Dear Maggie

We much enjoyed  our visit earlier this month and enjoying cake sheltering from the rain. I have attached the list for you. The column marked farmhouse and area to the north is in monad SS6410 and includes the orchard area and along the drive. The column marked rest of area is the part of the farm in Monad SS6409 but not in the SSSI, pond area or the turbine field. Generally we thought the SSSI was in pretty good condition except a certain amount of scrubbing over in the wetter part but I know you are well aware of this. The wetter east end of the turbine field had quite good diversity but the drier west end was not so good we thought. Many good plants in the pond area. Many thanks for our visit.

Best wishes, Bob Hodgson

If you have any queries please let me know

And our reply:

Brilliant! Thank you so much Bob and others, we really appreciated your time and knowledge.
That’s a few more than the visit a decade ago, so that’s reassuring. I’ll have to get around to comparing them properly. And inevitably there are a few others that I’m aware of – mostly common or early flowers (like scarlet pimpernel, marsh marigold, dead nettles etc) but also two more notable for the SSSI. There’s a nice patch of bogbean on Popehouse Moor, and just yesterday I spotted a flower which I looked up from the woodland. It seems to be cow wheat, which I gather is an old woodland indicator. 
Yes, I think that wet end bit of Popehouse Moor will be a high priority for de-scrubbing this comming winter. We’ve done work down there twice in the past 13 years, but it keeps coming back.
best wishes,