Nestlings in sight

Nuthatches are nearly ready to fledge outside Honeysuckle Lodge. This clip shows them being fed at the nest box entrance.

The adults have had a busy time, it was back in early April that we blogged the Nuthatches nest building. It’s great that they’ve got this far, despite the threats from woodpeckers, and the fact that they’re only about 5m from the Honeysuckle Lodge kitchen window, with potential disturbance from guests. But they dont seem to mind. We filmed this clip from fairly close up.

Nuthatches are usually around, and they must breed at Wheatland Farm every year, but we dont always manage to follow a nest. The last one we really kept tabs on was back in 2016 in the Wheatland Farm garden (in Huw’s nest box!). We made a short video then too, but this one is better!