Electric car charging

Farewell to our lovely guests holidaying at Balebarn Lodge, who spent the week exploring Devon powered by wind (you can just about see the turbine in the distance).

OK, so it wasn’t necessarily all our own wind, but it was all 100% renewable energy that went into powering this vehicle.

It’s great to see electric cars being charged outsideWheatland Farm’s accommodation. This one didn’t even need the formal electric car charging point – it was plugged in via the laundry opposite Balebarn Lodge.

We don’t yet see all that many electric cars in Devon, but they are surely on the increase. We’ve had two requests for car charging points at Wheatland Farm in the past month or so, compared to just one holiday maker with an electric car last year.

It was also great to hear first hand what modern electric cars are like. At the moment they still seem outside our budget, especially considering our very low mileage. But then again… Here’s a prototype for a rather more upcycled and budget electric vehicle, in keeping with the Wheatland Farm ethos. Thanks Euan!