A crab spider lies in wait. 30 days wild 2017 No. 2

Day 2 of #30dayswild. It’s a bit damp out there today, but not too wet for crab spiders. I look for these every June on the oxeye daisies, especially on the wildflower bank by the pond in front of Balebarn lodge. This is one of the biggest I’ve seen.

I hadn’t realised until I looked them up that they can change colour to suit the flower they are on, nor that actually they may be more obvious to insect eyes than they are to us, and might even attract insects in to the flower – but then why would they need to adapt their colour I wonder?

Apparently there are about 2100 different kinds of crab spider around the world, so maybe strategy varies from species to species.

Here’s a BBC video of a crab spider in action, with a bit more about the camouflage / visibility question.