Cows For Conservation Grazing

#30DaysWild no 11. Higher Punchardon Farm has brought us some cows to graze at Wheatland Farm for the summer. Here’s a clip of them coming out of the trailer to explore the meadow where the turbine is.

We have eight young cows this year, and plenty of grass for them to eat. They are all new to Wheatland Farm, and are a little more skittish than the ones we had last June. We’ll have to go out and get them familiar with us. This evening, when they were let out, they pretty much cantered to all four corners of Lower Newland Moor checking out the boundaries. We were glad we didn’t have to try to round them up again!

We’ll be particularly interested in how/whether they eat the grass and young rush in the ‘spots’ we mowed. Right now, it’s hard to imagine now dominated by rush these were – they are brimming with grasses and birdsfoot trefoil.

Later in the year we’ll probably mow a few new patches, starting with the scythe and then taking the brush cutter mower in, but first we’ll see what the herbivores do.

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