Clover Lawns Around The Eco Lodges

A clover lawn outside Balebarn Eco Lodge at Wheatland Farm, Devon

#30DaysWild no 30. At Wheatland Farm we’ve been easing off the path mowing just for a week or so, and here’s the result – clover lawns around the eco lodges that the bees are loving.

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Cows For Conservation Grazing

Shows the cows leaving their trailer and beginning to explore Wheatland Farm in Devon

#30DaysWild no 11. Higher Punchardon Farm has brought us some cows to graze at Wheatland Farm for the summer. Here’s a clip of them coming out of the trailer to explore the meadow where the turbine is.

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Cows leave Wheatland Farm’s Devon Eco Lodges for the winter

Shows a 'selfie' of George and Elgin the cow at Wheatland Farm, Devon

Today we walked the cows back up the lane to Higher Punchardon Farm, as the conservation grazing here at Wheatland Farm is finished for 2020. But not before George got a few selfies with Elgin…

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Conservation work starts again

The New Year starts as we mean to go on at Wheatland Farm! Getting out there and looking after the Devon countryside. Today’s job was clearing ‘brash’ from near Honeysuckle Lodge

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Digging some scrapes to treat hot tub water and boost wildlife

We’ve been digging some scrapes that will become mini reed beds – these will help us turn the eco lodge hot tub water to a wildlife advantage! Continue reading “Digging some scrapes to treat hot tub water and boost wildlife”

The cows are back!

The cows are back! Six young cows from Higher Punchardon Farm. Their job is to graze Lower Newland Moor (the field next to the lodges – the field with the turbine) and Popehouse Moor, our Site of Special Scientific Interest. That’s quite a big munch for 6 relatively young cows, but that’s the point – low levels of grazing so the grass is kept in check and the flowers still get a chance. Continue reading “The cows are back!”