#30DaysWild: 20 Cows Return To Wheatland Farm

For today’s #30DaysWild we welcomed the cows back to Wheatland Farm for their summer grazing on our Devon culm grassland and Popehouse Moor Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Their job is to do some ‘conservation grazing’ for us, eating the grass, and making some space for the characteristic wildflowers.

This evening Andrew brought the cows over from Higher Punchardon Farm and Fiona’s Farm Shop, just up the road. Here’s a clip of them being unloaded from their trailer.

The little one is called Elgin. When we asked if that was ‘as in marbles’ the answer was no, as in ‘Green Green Grass’. If you’re Only Fools and Horses fans you’ll know. The rest take similar inspiration for their names.

Sometimes it seems one of the best things about the cows returning is a chance to look back over the years and see how the field and the people have changed. The tractor certainly hasn’t!

Thankfully, Higher Punchardon has just had its all clear for the most recent Tuberculosis test, so these cows shouldn’t need to be re-tested this year, and should be with us until the end of the summer. They are not in the lodge field itself, but in the one with the turbine. So from now on, we’ll be checking on the cows everyday day. If you’re staying at the eco lodges, please help us by shutting the gates! It’s never good news if cows get out, especially if they come ‘nose to nose’ with other cows, potentially meaning they need a re-test for TB. You can still visit them – they are quite friendly, and if they see you on the turbine walk they are likely to come and say hello.

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