#30DaysWild No. 8 Amazing weeds!

It’s really just a pic for #30DaysWild today – a picture of these vibrant and beautiful ‘weeds’ in amongst the dried out grass. They are some kind of hawkbit, but there are so many….

These dandelion – family flowers are by the Wheatland Farm fishing pond, which sits between Otter Cottage and Balebarn Lodge. The soil surrounding the pond (it used to be a slurry pit in times long gone by, when Wheatland Farm was a dairy farm) seems to be only a few centimetres thick. The grass here always dries to a crisp whenever we have hot weather.

Well, in the last few days we’ve finally had a splash of rain, and just look how the flowers have responded. These yellow beauties are a joy to see, especially And they’ll probably set seed and spread further if we don’t have to mow. We certainly won’t be taking them out.

Elsewhere on the farm baby birds are looking fluffy, oxeye daisies are in full bloom, swallows are chattering from the farmhouse roof, and we hear the baa of sheep in neighbouring fields. Today our neighbours came with a tractor mounted fencing posts to help us get ready for the summer-grazing cows. They should be here towards the end of next week.

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