#30DaysWild 21: A Cider In The Orchard

We’re enjoying a local Devon cider in the Wheatland Farm orchard this evening to celebrate the solstice.

Apparently, yesterday was actually the longest day, by a tiny margin, but we’ll stick with the traditional date and celebrate in the sunshine this evening.

Winkleigh has its own cider makers, on the Hatherleigh Road – Sam’s Cider, usually with the shop open to the public. We often drink their cider and use it for gifts, but today we thought we’d branch out to something different. Not branch very far – still Devon and a local brew, cider from Sandford Orchards, made near Crediton.

And rather than drive to get the bottles, Bruce from Grape and Grain in Crediton delivered them, along with some Devon beers. These days we can’t offer him a cup of tea, so we have a chat with him perched on the tailgate of his ‘winebulance’ delivery vehicle, and payment is contactless and swift!

We enjoyed them! Neither were super dry, and neither were super strong. We both marginally preferred the drier bottle, but both were refreshing. And it’s good to be drinking a really local drink, steeped in history and folklore. Cider was once a huge part of the landscape here, with every farmhouse having an orchard. We still make cider, somewhat haphazardly, from our own cider trees. Here’s to a good crop this year! If you’re visiting Wheatland Farm in September or October, depending on the autumn winds and the size of the crop, perhaps you’ll find us harvesting and pressing.

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