#30DaysWild 15: A Local 6km Run

#30DaysWild 15: Ian went running, starting from the eco lodges and heading down into Hollocombe. He has mapped out a simple 6km route with a section through the woods along a bridle path. Going down the road into Hollocombe and back up again gives it a bit of a gradient in it, but maybe that’s an excuse to have a bit of a walk…

So here’s the step by step instructions:

  • From the Wheatland Farm eco lodges, go to the end of the drive, turn left and run along the road, past the farm shop, to the next junction.
  • Turn right, and run all the way down the hill and try not to think about the fact that at some point you’ll have to run back up.
  • At the bottom, turn right onto the bridle way before you cross the river.
  • Follow the bridle way through the lovely woods until you reach the next lane.
  • Turn right, starting up the dreaded hill…. take your time, and you’ll pop out at Tinker’s Post.
  • Turn right again for the last 1km back to the lodges.

If 5km is more your thing, there’s a much flatter out and back route that we often use.

Or if you want a 10km run and don’t mind a bit of gradient, try a loop into Winkleigh along the road, turning left along Eggesford Road and running up the hill past Winkleigh Woods, continuing to the Lymington Arms pub, turning left at the cross roads, left at Wembworthy, tackle the hill and bear left at Lane End thatched farmhouse, then left again at Tinkers Post and back to Wheatland Farm.

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