Wheatland Farm 5km Running Route

People quite often ask us where they can go running from Wheatland Farm. Well, there’s round the fields on the mown paths of course. But if you want a 5km run along Devon lanes, this is it. We thought we’d put it up for #NaturallyHealthyMonth 2019.

Of course, you can run anywhere, but it’s fairly hilly in this part of Devon. So this is the flatest route. If you start and finish from the old farmyard at Wheatland Farm this will be a 5km run. George took this 30 second speeded up video (on a bike, to keep the camera stable) and it’s the runnning route we all use most often. It should be quiet, so long as you don’t run at what would be called ‘rush hour’ anywhere busier. This video was early evening on a Saturday, and there were just 2 cars to pass. Some of us still quite like an excuse to stop and stand aside for a moment!

In summary, start at Wheatland Farm, run to the end of the drive and turn right. At Tinkers Post crossroads keep going. Run down the hill, taking care on the narrow bit at the bottom. You’ll come to Stable Green Methodist church. Turn right here. Run to Lane End thatched farmhouse and turn right again. You’ll come out at Tinkers Post where you turn left and run back to Wheatland Farm.

If you want a longer route, and don’t mind some hills, there’s a 10km ‘square’ run from Wheatland Farm that takes you past Winkleigh village, up the hill to Winkleigh Woods, then on to Wembworthy and back up a really steep hill to Lane End, and back to Wheatland Farm. We’ll blog that one too.