#30DaysWild 16 Enjoying the buzz…

Today’s #30DaysWild Random Act of Wildness was just to enjoy the buzz at the wildlife pond below Balebarn Eco Lodge, and admire the butterflies.

When you walk around the pond in the sunshine you’re really struck by the noise – not of traffic, not of kids playing, not of planes overhead, not even of cows at the moment – it’s the bees buzzing. Bees, bumblebees, hoverflies and many others are taking full advantage of the newly flowering brambles. And with this year’s warm spring it looks like there will be a bumper crop of fruit too. That should benefit our dormice as well as the many birds who eat fruit and berries.

But that’s all to come, and for now it’s all about the gentle hum of summer. Not everything enjoying the brambles hums of course. This lovely fresh looking red admiral butterfly was joined by a pretty small tortoiseshell butterfly.

And today we saw the first golden ringed dragonfly of the year. It didn’t settle long enough for a photo though, it was too busy hunting the smaller insects over the grassland and around the water’s edge.

Previously for #30DaysWild

This time last year: The teasels we planted outside Nuthatch Lodge had put on a growth spurt. We haven’t noticed any young plants growing for next year, but teasels are biennial anyway, so there’s time to move some out there if they haven’t established themselves. In the meantime, we can hang up Niger seed for the birds.

This time in 2018: We were planting out the teasels, collected from our farmhouse garden.

This time in 2017: It was a lovely evening for a game of badminton at the mown court infront of Honeysuckle and Nuthatch Lodges.