#30DaysWild 3: Soaking up the rain

It’s not often we shout about rain in Devon. But after the sunniest May on record, we’re happy to get a hammering today.

Looking back, it was a wet winter, and Devon was as wet as anywhere. February was the wettest on record. Now, May has been the sunniest. ¬†We did lots of outside painting around the eco lodges, especially at Honeysuckle Lodge where we’ve been building a new outside bath / eco hot tub.

The Met Office has said it’s the biggest difference in rainfall between winter and spring since 1862, and fits a trend of increasingly unpredictable short term weather patterns. More uncertainty is what we can be most certain of as climate changes.

Our small lawns by the farmhouse look like they do in a hot July, and the grass has gone crunchy. The blackbirds have been struggling to find worms in the hard ground to feed their chicks, despite all the extra nesting sites the empty lodges have provided. Still, corona virus lock down would have been much harder to put up with if we’d had a wet May, as we sometimes do in Devon.

So we’re all appreciating the rain today, and looking forward to some more Devon sunshine tomorrow.

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