#30DaysWild 1. Southern March Orchids

It’s that time again – June is when the Wildlife Trusts run their 30 Days Wild campaign, challenging us all to do something for nature every day of the month. So today at Wheatland Farm we’ve been checking up on special flowers.

This Southern Marsh Orchid is one of a few that grow at the far end of Popehouse Moor SSSI. We like to make sure they are there every year! Southern marsh orchids like the really wet ground, where it gets good and boggy. But unfortunately so does the hemlock water dropwort, which we try to keep in check with scything. There might be some of that in the coming days.

Our other orchids, the heath spotted orchids, are not really out just yet, and we think they won’t really have a bumper year as it has been so dry. However, we’ll bring you a picture later in the month!

More on the Wildlife Trusts’ #30DaysWild campaign here…. Join us and go wild this June.

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