30 Days Wild 1: Beautiful damsels, not in distress

It’s The Wildlife Trusts’ 30 Days Wild again – a chance to do (and share) something wild every day in the month of June. That’s good timing, because our wildlife is at its best in early summer, and this year we’re on a bit of a mission to record the plants and animals at Wheatland Farm.

One of the groups we’re tackling is damselflies (and dragonflies). We want to know what our five ponds have to offer. Here’s what’s flying around the wildlife pond at the moment. 


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In other years we’ve seen broad bodied chasers, common darters, southern hawkers, and golden ringed dragonflies, as well as masses of damselflies on the pond, but we’ve never been very systematic in recording them.  (If you want to be really thorough you have to collect their larval casings, like the one we found for last year’s 30 Days Wild). This year we’ll be more ‘on it’. Hopefully, there will be more species to add during this year’s 30 Days Wild.


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