Bideford Half Marathon

It was the Bideford Half Marathon today, and Ian and a couple of our guests from Wheatland Farm were there.

The half marathon had a miserable start, when rain simply tipped it down over Bideford, but before long the sun was back out. The race started on the roads, then looped back along Devon’s fabulous Tarka Trail – the section between Puffing Billy and Bideford, where this sunny pic was snapped. Some puffing going on here to…

Bideford Half Marathon 2020, running the Tarka Trail

Back at Bideford Quay there were 1143 finishers. As ever, the Hockings Icecream van was out, despite it being only March. And why not!

Ian was pleased with his 1 hour 46 min time, especially as he set off rather too fast. He came in 374th overall. Congrats also to the final runner who came in after 3 hours 11 mins. Most of us just couldn’t keep going that long, half marathon or not.

Back at Wheatland Farm, the hot tub at Beech Lodge was put to good use to relieve tired muscles. Thanks for your stay guys, and well done!