Good Green Energy For Our Eco Lodges

We’ve been noticing for a while that we could be buying cheaper and apparently just as green power elsewhere, so why do we stick with Good Energy?

Now we’re reassured to read this article in the Independent: Renewable energy provider exempted from price cap for supplying 100% green electricity

Basically, the bottom line is that Good Energy actually buys renewable power whereas many companies offering green tariffs just buy power on the wholesale market and buy certificates showing someone else has generated the equivalent amount in renewables.

Because of this, Ofgem has given Good Energy a permanent exemption from the price cap on standard variable tarrifs. The company is allowed to charge customers a premium because it is the only supplier that can trace all its power back to identifiable renewable generators.

And for that we’re prepared to pay a bit extra. We’re not quite sure how much more we pay – our situation is complicated by the fact that we generate (wind and solar) as well as consume, so when we’re consuming our own it’s free.

But the question we ask ourselves for all these ‘back office’ things – banking, power supply, purchasing – is ‘are we ready to pay a bit more so that the hidden stuff is clean and green too?’ and the answers is ‘Yes, we have to be. What’s the point of working for conservation when we’re still buying cheap services that perpetuate the underlying problems? It would just be green washing’.

So we do what we can. We could always do more of course – can’t we all. Sadly, we can’t yet afford to be running an electric car. That’s largely because we just don’t do the miles needed to make it financially viable. If we did, we’d be down the sales room! So we’re not claiming to be eco angels – just a small business genuinely doing its best to be ethical and responsible.