An Independent Trip Into Exeter

Sometimes not everyone on holiday wants to do the same thing. Sometimes kids are growing up and want a bit more space. So we thought we’d ask the boys to do a series of short videos about their independent Devon days out. Here, they go into Exeter to the cinema.

Our boys are already used to public transport, and Wheatland Farm is only 2 miles from a main bus route between Exeter and Barnstaple. Sometimes they cycle, sometimes we give them a lift. The bus (there’s only one service, the Stagecoach 5B, so you can’t go wrong) goes about 5 times a day, with the final stop at Exeter Bus Station in the centre of town. Google the latest timetables.

From the bus you can have fun at Clipnclimb or Quay Climbing, take in the RAMM museum, go shopping, catch a movie at the Odeon (Sidwell Street, at the ‘top’ of the high street) or the Vue (just around from the bus station), or just enjoy the water front. Cathedral Green makes a nice spot to relax, and Pizza Express is one of the many well known food outlets nearby.

For the Odeon, the boys got off when the big John Lewis store hove into view. I asked how people will know their stop, and the teenage replies were ‘look out the window’ and ‘check your location on google maps duh – everyone has data these days!’.

So presumably the same strategy works for not sailing past Winkleigh on your return journey!