Woodpecker nest

There’s a Great Spotted Woodpecker nesting in a dead tree near the Wheatland Farm stream.

It’s hard to spot, and harder to reach, unless you’re prepared to scramble through some pretty wild stuff, so we haven’t managed to get very close. The adults come in regularly, setting off a barage of calls that sound like a host of squeeking shopping trolley wheels.

The bird in the main picture is a male, with red at the back if its head. The young birds will have this too, when they eventually emerge. But the clip shows a female visiting the nest. Great spotted woodpeckers are doing well at the moment in Devon, and across the UK, and are increasingly seen at garden feeders (we had a fairly acrobatic one here at Wheatland Farm last year during June). So keep a watch out at the lodges – you might see one up close on the feeders!