Hedgehog time!

This hedgehog accidentally got trapped in a box at Wheatland Farm – so we gave it a breakfast of mealworms and filmed it as it bumbled on its way.

We don’t actually see hedgehogs around much at Wheatland Farm, though we know they are here. We spotted a hedgehog in the barn back in September (is this the same one?), and a few years ago there was one pottering around the Wheatland Farmhouse garden. At other times there’s been one living under Nuthatch Lodge, as witnessed by guests one July. So it’s lovely to know hedgehogs are still around, and we hope this one wasn’t too inconvenienced. It certainly snuffled up the mealworms with alacrity. And it’s an extra reason not to be using slug pellets etc. We hope we’ll see it again soon (or maybe just hear it in the late evening…).