More beauties

[Maggie] I just can’t resist sharing another Wheatland Farm dragonfly/damselfly sighting…

… even though the four spot chaser was only two days ago.

This time it’s a male ‘beautiful demoiselle’. Absolutely stunning colours. This species likes running water, so the best place to look is along the stream on Popehouse Moor, our Site of Special Scientific Interest. We’ve not seen many in previous years (and only one today) but that could be a question of time and place. This gorgeous creature was hanging out in a vast bed of nettles just at the edge of Popehouse Moor. It’s not part of the wildlife walk we do for most guests at the eco lodges (for obvious reasons), but sometimes you get a chance to push a bit further into the wilder bits.

There were also male and female large red damselflies on Popehouse Moor, and an azure damselfly too. The picture below is a female large red damselfly we think, even though it’s not red!