Crediton repair cafe in action again

Ian was at the Crediton Repair Cafe again this Saturday – fixing everything from radios (a treasured old style transistor radio, brought in all the way from Torquay!), a sewing machine peddle, a band saw, a nut chopper (pictured, with a happy owner), a telephoto lens. There were also clothes and curtains getting some attention, other electronics, such as a hand blender, and some tools like pruning saws etc.

The nut chopper owner was a ‘repeat customer’ from the previous Crediton Repair Cafe, not because the first repair was sub standard, but because someone helping him at home (he’s partially sighted) had taken it apart for cleaning and then reassembled it backwards. That would have been a poor reason for it to end up in landfill!

There’s another repair cafe coming soon, and this one is The Big Fix. In Exeter this time, at Belmont Chapel, 23 February from 10am until 4pm. They’re trying to break the world record for fixing items in a Repair Cafe (and trying to build up a bit more publicity too) – so do go along and support them. Ian hopes to be there – but it is the Saturday at the end of half term, so we might be pretty busy getting the lodges and cottage ready.

Got any equiries about The Big Fix? Email