Huge thanks for helping us raise money for the Devon Wildlife Trust

We’ve been totting up all those five pounds we give to the Devon Wildlife Trust for everyone who pays their Wheatland Farm holiday balance by BACS. And there’s a cheque in the post for £340.

Here’s how it works. BACS is cost effective for us at Wheatland Farm – no bank charges, unlike when you pay by credit card or paypal (and it’s free for you too – your bank doesn’t charge you for paying for your holiday this way). So rather than put the difference in our back pocket, we’re putting it into something we believe in – conservation in Devon. And when someone pays the cost of us doing something for them – like return postage on a forgotten toy – we put that in the pot too. We’ve worked out that in the round, a £5 donation is feasible for every booking balance paid by BACS , even on short stays.
So thank you to everyone who took the minute or two it takes to log into the bank and make the payment rather than just plugging in the card number. Devon is a more beautiful and wildlife rich place because you did – both because your holiday helps pay for us to manage Wheatland Farm for wildlife, and because of the £5 we were able to give the Devon Wildlife Trust for its work elsewhere.

There’ll be a bit more in this financial year too, but even the contributions to date are looking good. Last June, for example, you’d helped us raise £260 for the Trust over the year. Back in May 2017 the cheque was £250.

Thank you!