Celebrating the return of swallows

It’s cake time again! Phew. The first swallow could have been 9th April, with a brief familiar shape spotted flying over the pond by Otter Cottage. But it wasn’t until yesterday that we were sure enough to get the baking tins out.  Coffee should be good this morning. We’ll be bringing all you lovely guests a slice. 

The swallows are only a few days later than previous years. They came back on 9 April in 2017, on 7 April in 2016 and on 4 April  in 2015. So given the cold weather we’ve all had recently that’s not so bad.

And in case you’re still not convinced that Spring is here, here are 3 common spring flowers already in bloom around Wheatland Farm’s eco lodges: primroses, celandine and wood sorrel. If you’re feeling brave, have a nibble of a wood sorrel leaf – they make quite a pleasant garnish.

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