Thank you for supporting us

We just wanted to say a big thank you for all the support we’ve received since the Eggesford Hunt trespassing story aired on BBC Spotlight (10 April). People we’ve never even met have been ringing us up with encouraging words and similar stories.  

And thank you to all the people who contacted BBC Radio Devon’s lunchtime phone in yesterday too – it was heartening to hear your views, and in some cases depressing that you’d had to take such extreme action to turn the Hunts away (particularly the people who said they’d ended up having to shoot at hounds).

Putting the ethics of hunting aside just for a moment , it really doesn’t seem much to ask that the Hunt simply keep off land where they have no permission to be. Let’s hope they do that.


4 Replies to “Thank you for supporting us”

  1. Well done both for standing up to the hunting fraternity and exposing their lawbreaking! It shouldn’t be so hard to get the police to take action! We’ve stayed at your lovely lodges before and will do again I’m sure . Gina (ex NERC). Xx

    1. Thanks Gina – lovely to hear from you and I hope you’re thriving. I do remember your group visiting, even if NERC now feels a fairly distant memory!

    1. Thanks Andy, your support is appreciated. The whole thing has been an eye opener! I can’t imagine we’ve seen the end of it as the dogs were out of control and of course there are fox trails everywhere here.

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