Marbled White Butterfly

We spotted this stunning marbled white butterfly in front of Balebarn Lodge this morning. We think this is a male. We’d rather it was a female so we got some more butterflies… So here’s to hoping he finds a mate.

Marbled whites are not common at Wheatland Farm, we’ve actually only seen two in all the time we’ve been here (13 years). But we do have the right grassland habitat for them, and they are found within a few miles of us (meadows in Hollocombe for example). This is one of the species we’re hoping to entice back with good wildlife management.

Apparently, marbled whites are more numerous after a warm summer. It was a good summer in Devon last year, so maybe this will be a stepping stone year.

Sounds like a good excuse to be out and about walking through the fields looking for butterflies… Please let us know if you see any more while staying at the lodges.

Stop press update! Two more spotted on Popehouse Moor SSSI this afternoon.