First bumble bees of 2019

It’s always a landmark when the first signs of spring come to Wheatland Farm. Today, two queen bumble bees, buff tailed bumble bees we think, were foraging on the snow drops behind the farm house. Lovely to see in the sunshine!

Some hover flies were out too, looking rather like bees. But the big eyes and the single pair of wings tell them apart. They all seemed to prefer the snowdrops to the amazingly colourful crocuses – I guess the snowdrops had the food.

The snow drops are a regular treat. There are plenty this year, especially around the lodges and they’re popping up under the young trees by Beech Lodge, where we planted some out last year. Good to see the flowers, as they lift your heart. But even better to see them being useful to our much pressed insects! Later in the year we’ll be looking out for bumble bee nests too.